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29 novembre 2013

Testimony of Ms. Iratxe, assistant professor in research stay in our laboratory

My name is Iratxe Landa. I am an assistant professor in the faculty of engineering in Bilbao, University of the Basque Country (Spain). I work with the Signal Processing and Radio communication Group TSR (

This year I have had the opportunity to take part in the development of activities related to the areas of Forest Fire Modeling research group at the University of Corsica in Corte during four months.

Although I have not experience in this research area I have found it very interesting. This research has a lot of applications in real live. Only this research team does these kinds of experiments in the world. I also find this research very interesting because the experiments consist on taking real pictures in outdoors environments with the goal of compare them with the mathematical models and other software simulations.

Regarding my experience in Corsica and Corte, it has been very pleasant. Although I have not had a lot of interaction with the people here because I do not speak French, I have found it pleasant and likeable. I have enjoyed the nature of Corsica. I have found actually beautiful the island, its nature and its variety in some senses : from the coast to the mountain, from the city to the villages, and from summer to autumn.